Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Bubbled wall in bathroom from hidden leak

Concealed Moisture Leads to Sneaky, Unwanted Water Damage

Pictured is a great example of how hidden water damage has the ability to emerge at the most unexpected of times, requiring the property to undergo serious restoration. The home in question did not have a suitable drainage system to weather the winters of Southern California. Runoff from a storm seeped to the interior of the walls, going unnoticed. The moisture built itself up only to enter the walls of the bathroom damaging the walls by paint bubbling. Don't let this happen to your property! Call SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/ Laguna Woods today for a thorough inspection of your property's drainage system to avoid such a disaster. 

Containment in garage

Damage Containment Example

This home suffered from a second level pipe leak that seeped down into the garage of the property. The damage was fierce, creating great bubbles in the garage's ceiling that looked about ready to burst and flood the area. It was fortunate that the owners contacted us in time, preventing an even more costly situation. In potentially hazardous jobs like these, containment material is essential to ward off the space to those uninvolved in the restoration process. This is to ensure the safety of everyone, because here at SERVPRO, safety is our top priority. 

Drying Mats in Kitchen

A rain storm had resulted in water coming into this home from the exterior into the kitchen. The wood flooring was wet but the insurance adjuster had wanted us to try and dry it in place without having to remove it. We used specialized drying mats to direct air to the affected areas of the floor and within a few days the flooring was good as new. 

Damaged Ceiling

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods were called to a home that had water leaking from the ceiling. When we arrived, we found that the ceiling was starting to bubble and visible water droplets could be seen where the leak was. 

Specialized Containment

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods went out to a home that suffered from water damage following the most recent rain storm. Water had leaked through the ceiling, resulting in some drywall needing to be cut. A containment was set up to protect the surrounding areas from dust and debris. 

hidden mold spores on the backside of a bathroom cabinet

Check your toe-kicks!

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to service a home in Lake Forest that thought they may have some water damage to their cabinets because they noticed some bowing and discoloration of their wood doors. Turns out they had a pin whole leak behind their kitchen wall. This slow leak had been going on for months. SERVPRO removed the toe kicks of the built-in cabinets and noticed excessive mold growth. Once the plumber was able to correct the leak, SERVPRO, with approval from the customers claim adjuster, removed all damaged cabinets and dried out their kitchen framing to prep for repairs.