Commercial Photo Gallery

bathroom with perimeter of walls excavated

Commercial Property Bathroom Restoration

This commercial property suffered from a flood due to the common clogged toilet. When customers are filtering in and out of the property, some new and some old, there is no telling what hits public spaces will take when it comes to cleanliness. Nevertheless, things happen, and we are here to make it "Like it never even happened." Do no hesitate to call us if a situation like this happens to your business. 

office desks covered in containement material to be disinfected

SERVPRO can Aid in COVID-19 Clean-Up

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South / Laguna Woods is here to aid your business with COVID-19 clean-up services. It seems this pandemic is still ravaging through the nation with the newly surfaced delta variant. But, business must be continued as usual by following proper CDC guidelines. If you are interested in clean-up and disinfecting services as a commercial property owner, contact us today to book a session with our technicians. We are here to keep our community clean, healthy, and protected.  

Equipment Placement

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called to service this office building after experiencing severe water damage. The ceiling and walls in the two story foyer needed to be removed and dried. In order to dry out the ceiling and framing, scaffolding was set up with drying equipment to reach the wet areas. 

Commercial Fire

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to service an apartment complex that caught fire in one of the tenant’s kitchens and living room. The majority of the damage was caused to the exterior of the complex however the interior of two units was heavily affected by smoke and soot. Deodorization of both interior units along with heavy cleaning of walls carpets and furniture was greatly needed to reduce the smell of the smoke. The exterior was cleaned up by high powered washers and very little demolition and reconstruction was needed to restore the integrity of the structure.

Two Story Scaffolding

Our local OC Social Services building was damaged by a major pipe leak affecting the two story foyer. SERVPRO teamed up with a specialist to custom build a two story scaffolding structure to adequately dry the upper drywall and ceiling of the building. 

Local Furniture Store

SERVPRO was called to action on Thanksgiving Weekend when our local furniture store was flooded with water from a pipe burst in their ceiling. Over 10 technicians acted promptly to get the store back in shape for their annual holiday party just weeks later.