Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Containment material in garage

Safety is a Priority at SERVPRO

The conditions of damage restoration can be rough for those involved. We are professionals and have your best interest at heart when it comes to the sometimes difficult process of damage mitigation. Pictured here is containment material that we ustilize to ward off areas that should only be entered by our trained technicians. This is to keep an organized job site and protect occupants of the property from debris caused by the damage. For more information about our practices, visit our blog!

hole on exterior of home leaking water

A Reminder to Inspect the Exterior of Your Property

This is a unique but not uncommon feature of damage. When the interior pipes and supply lines of the home are compromised, they can guide water to both the inside and outside of the property. It may seem convenient for damage to direct itself to the exterior of the home, but if gone unchecked, this can cause a ripple effect, hence directing the damage inwards. This is an example of that situation but did not lead to interior damage because the owner caught this early on. Make sure to inspect every aspect of your property to avoid any and every strain of damage. 

Post Residential Fire

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was sent out to a home for cleanup following a house fire. The fire destroyed a portion of the exterior wall, thus requiring a containment to be set up to protect the interior of the home. Fire and smoke remediation followed and the home was brought back to pre-fire conditions. 


SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to service a home in Lake Forest that had major fire damage to their interior and exterior garage. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DISPOSE! A small cigarette bud that was tossed into their garage slowly but surely started to heat up their trash can. This resulted in a melted trash can cemented to their side patio floor and extensive fire and smoke damage to their garage exterior wall and contents inside of the garage. This fire could have been avoided if the customers cigarettes were disposed of properly. Yes, something as small as a cigarette bud can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and weeks of living inconveniences.

Condo Fire

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to service a condo in our local neighborhood that caught fire in the kitchen due to an electrical spark in one of the appliances. The majority of the damage was caused to the exterior of the unit however the interior of the unit was heavily affected by smoke and soot, which had spread throughout the whole downstairs. Deodorization via ozone filtration, heavy cleaning of walls and carpets along with resurfacing furniture was greatly needed to reduce the smell of the smoke. The exterior was cleaned by high powered washers. Very little demolition and reconstruction was needed to restore the integrity of the condo unit.

Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to clean up a multi-level residential fire loss. Scaffolding was required to reach the exterior of the second level.