Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Fresh Mold Growth

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called to visit a home that was suffering from water damage caused by a leaking pipe. There was a built in pantry that was damaged, so we removed it, and found this wall covered with fresh mold. 

Check your toe-kicks!

SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/Laguna Woods was called out to service a home in Lake Forest that thought they may have some water damage to their cabinets because they noticed some bowing and discoloration of their wood doors. Turns out they had a pin whole leak behind their kitchen wall. This slow leak had been going on for months. SERVPRO removed the toe kicks of the built-in cabinets and noticed excessive mold growth. Once the plumber was able to correct the leak, SERVPRO, with approval from the customers claim adjuster, removed all damaged cabinets and dried out their kitchen framing to prep for repairs.   

Extreme Mold Growth

Check out this nasty mold that was growing in someone's kitchen cabinet! If you think you might have mold, give us a call. Avoid contaminating your home with years of dangerous mold growth. 


SERVPRO protects your home from the spreading of mold particles when mitigating existing mold. A concealed containment is custom fitted to the affected area. Notice the "HAZARD" sign. It is placed to warn against entry of containment without proper hazmat gear. We take extra steps to ensure safety throughout any mitigation process.